Groundbreaking Ceremony, Sierra Leone!

A joyous groundbreaking ceremony was held in the very remote community of  Masosingbi. This primary school will serve a very remote community left behind by other educational development efforts in Sierra Leone. Currently, the nearest school is 6 miles away. Students have to walk to and from school, and on top of hunger, the distance is too great and many children drop out. Additionally, students miss at least several weeks of every school year because the journey is made impassable by heavy rains, flooding, and broken bridges.

250 students, 120 girls and 130 boys, will benefit from this school. These students who do make the long walk to the nearest school also have no access to a water supply or toilets at that school. Building a school in Masosingbi will not only make education more accessible for these students, but will also improve their health and wellbeing.






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