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Mongolian Dev Center


Since 1993 the Mongolian Development Center (MDC) has been dedicated to the empowerment of individuals, communities and institutions through education and training to learn about and support the process of building a progressive and sustainable society, prosperous in the material, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life. Projects of the Mongolian Development Center include Community Gardening, Integral Human Development, Kindergarten Curriculum and Early Childhood Development, and Community Banking as a part of the Community De...

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Mongolian Dev Center

Ulanbaataar , Mongolia



Manaus , Brazil


Anis Zunuzi Bahai School

Port-au-Prince , Haiti


Sunflower Mission

Kien Giang , Vietnam


Anis Zunuzi Annex

Port-au-Prince , Haiti


Rancho Sespe

Fillmore , United States


New Horizon School

Cabaret , Haiti


George Marcellus

, Haiti


Digital Study Hall

Lucknow , India



Indore , India


Badi School

San Miguelito , Panama


Badi Foundation

Macau , China


Mona Foundation

Kirkland , United States


Teaching Kids Programming

Seattle , United States



Goniave , Haiti



Tarzana , United States


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