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Change the World? EmpowerAugust 20, 2018

by Kim Clark [G]irls’ education may well be the highest return investment available in the developing world.  -  Lawrence Summers, Former World Bank Chief Economist. ...

Developing PhilanthropyJuly 07, 2018

Developing our Own Human Capacity to Give and Help Others...

Path to sustained changeApril 27, 2018

Our monthly blog is a forum for discussion. We want to hear from you about your experiences...

Join Our ConversationMarch 14, 2018

Join Our Conversation on Education Innovation - Together we can change the world for the better...

ADCAM & The AmazonJanuary 08, 2018

In a far-off world with a tropical biodiversity unparalleled by any other region in the world, ...

The Pineapple FundJanuary 01, 2018

“Because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter," Pine says....