Digital Study Hall, SHEF

Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) supports an impressive portfolio of initiatives aimed at educating and empowering underprivileged girls in urban and rural India. Digital Study Hall (DSH) Online creates videos of the best teachers in actual classroom sessions and provides them free of charge to all teachers and students in poor public schools. Ongoing teacher training is offered to reinforce the quality of teaching and learning.

Impact Numbers:

113, 4091 subscribers on DSHOnline YouTube channel

4,013,322 views on DSHOnline YouTube channel

298 new videos produced in 2020

Introduction of open schooling video curriculum


SHEF began experiments with educational technology, with an aim of providing a simple, cost-effective, easily accessible solution to the problem of providing high quality education to all children, especially those in remote underserved and under resourced areas.

After several small but useful experiments in partnership with NIIT and the Government of Uttar Pradesh, DSH began formally in 2005 partnered by a professor from Princeton University, Randy Wang. Over the years, DSH has accomplished its goal to use simple video technology to share pedagogical resources and expertise from schools that have good teachers to schools that are not so fortunate.

The  classroom practices developed by DSHOnline were used by organizations like Hippocampus, Goonj, Ashoka Network, Bodh, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Government of Jharkhand, HCL Foundation, Government of Rajasthan, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Nepal and Bhutan.

The DSHOnline team produced 298 new videos in 2020. They introduced a video curriculum for National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS 2) board. Once the lockdown was relieved in June, the team produced 260 videos of NIOS curriculum till December 2020. The rest 39 videos include GyanSetu training, workshops and other events.





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