Barli & Organic Agriculture Training

Recognized by UNESCO as one of the top 100 education projects in developing countries, Barli Development Institute for Rural Women (Barli) educates and empowers young, rural and tribal women and girls to become leaders and agents of social change in their communities. Though most girls are illiterate when they arrive, 100% pass the national literacy exam within six months and can read and write in Hindi (not their native language).

Organic Agriculture Training:

Throughout the six months course, students are taught about organic agriculture. Workshops are frequently organized to train them in grafting, composting, making organic insect repellents and organic fertilizers.




Training on Solar Drying of Vegetables:

Throughout the  six month training, students also learn how to dry various fruits and vegetables. They are taught the procedures involved in preserving and drying of agriculture products in solar tunnel dryers. They learn how these vegetables can be saved over long periods without using chemical preservatives. This is especially useful for them as large quantities of vegetables from their fields sometimes go to waste because of their inability to sell them.







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