Youth Empowerment

Haiti is in desperate need of capable and moral leaders who will put the interests of Haiti and its people ahead of their own personal gain. Only moral leaders can help Haiti break through the cycle of dependency on aid that has paralyzed its development over several decades.

The numbers speak for themselves – 8 out of 10 people in Haiti still worry about being hungry after billions were poured into the country following the 2010 earthquake.

To this end, Zunuzi School has adopted the Youth Empowerment Program designed to build capacity at the grassroots and develop youth to become leaders and change agents of their own community development and transformation.

The aim of this program is to help people help themselves with dignity and respect. Currently, there are 10 groups of several youths engaged in this process, carrying out numerous social action and service programs to meet critical needs of their own communities.

Anis Zunuzi Baha’i School is like an island of hope in the middle of chaos outside its walls. Offering excellent academics, arts and music and Youth Empowerment Programs to connect the students to, and restore their pride in their cultural identity, the school educates 355 K-12 students, of whom 55% are girls.

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