We accept Crypto Donations

Mona Foundation has been in the forefront of accepting cryptocurrency because we know everything digital is the way of the future – not to the exclusion of everything else, but an important part of the way we will do business, work and play. We are grateful to Pineapple Fund for their $1M donation in Bitcoin to Mona Foundation which enabled us to scale programs from serving 230,000 students in 2016 to 429,000 in 2019 (even though we lost 10 bitcoins when our account was hacked). Now, with The Giving Block and Gemini and generous CryptoCovid19 donors, we are helping our projects in the field combat COVID19 by providing facemasks and sanitizing soaps to keep students safe, and by supporting Digital Enablers (alumni with a cell phone and WhatsApp) to continue delivering education to the most vulnerable without access. Read more below about our needs, and help us make up the lost 10 Bitcoins by donating your cryptocurrency: https://www.monafoundation.org/give-bitcoin/.

At Badi School in Panama, a school with 450 students, the staff mobilized and within 2 weeks by leveraging Google Education Suite available to them free of charge.  Needs now include 8 computers for 8 staff members @about $400 each=$3,200 so they can record their lessons.

In Lucknow, India, Mona supports 49 one-room schools in urban slums or remote villages where there is no running water, sanitation or schools, and often a family of 8-10 members live in one make-shift hut shared with their animals. Currently, there is a severe lack of awareness and means to fight this pandemic in these communities. Needs now include:

COVID Kits: Masks: Provide 2,600 children with 8 masks, $0.25 each = $5,200, and 2 bars of sanitizing soap, $1.00 each = $5,200.
Food: Provide 1,600 families of 4 each dry ration kit for a month = $8,944.
Cell phone and access to Internet: Equip the Alumni students with either a cell phone or a computer and access to the internet so they can leverage our online digital library, DSHOnline, and teach 5 to 10 children in their neighborhood. 40 Digital Enablers at $100/each = $4,000.

Your crypto donation will be valued at the time of donation at its tax deductible FMV. 100% of your donation will educate and empower students in need. (Private donors cover our 15% administrative cost.)

Here is why Rainn Wilson supports donating Bitcoin to Mona Foundation, on #BitcoinTuesday and beyond.

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