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What is a Mona Global Citizen Club

Mona Global Citizen Clubs are formed to bring together youth who want to make an impact on the world through supporting the education for the children in need and through service to the community. The goals of each club are to raise the awareness of students about international development and global citizenship and how they may have an impact on the betterment of the world even while in school and beyond into their adult lives.


Palos Verdes Peninsula Mona Global Citizens Club

Global Citizen Clubs in schools is the brainchild of Chloe Rastegar. She attended a Mona event where the founder and the principal of Badi School presented on their school in Panama. She was so inspired by their stories that she decided that she wanted to go and visit the school in Panama, and she did. When she returned, she decided that she really wanted to do something concrete with her friends so that they organize activities in support of the students in one of Mona's projects and also in service to their community. Activities? Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser, Carnival fundraisers selling frozen lemonade, Halloween face painting for Toberman Neighborhood Center, Valentine’s Day treats for local school, Diaper Drive for San Pedro Rainbow Shelter,, and most recently launching an online store to sell branded Mona clothings, "MonaInBloom." Want to join? Email

Our Current Clubs

Palos Verdes Peninsula, LA

Palos Verdes Club has been incredibly active since its formation led by Chloe Rastegar. One of the most creative ideas they had was the Bag fundraiser at National Charity League meeting. First they started a "Education is..." .exercise, wrote down what education means to them, and spoke about the ways in which education can positively impact societies, created a series of key words, printed them on bags, and sold the bags and raised almost $900 for Mona! Members of this club are: Elizabeth Steubs, Cynthia Lockwood, Lauren Stapel, Braydon Evans, Chloe Dawes, Sarah Dawes, Minami Kato, Sophie Semenjuk, Shayan Saadat, Gina Johnson, Ava Jensen, Sara Hansen, Michael Scuderi, Cesar Mazariegos, Faculty Sponsor Cristina Quesada. Interested? Contact

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