Noncent Story: Walking four miles each way to go to school. Haiti.

Noncent is the youngest of three in a family supported by a single mother, who struggles to make ends meet selling spices and used clothes in the city. She never had enough to pay for Noncent’s transportation costs, so Noncent walked almost four miles each way to attend school at Anis Zunuzi. He was always among the first to arrive at school and the last to leave at the end of the day.

Recognizing Noncent’s dedication and difficult home situation, the teachers at Anis Zunuzi awarded him a Mona scholarship. When he began attending Zunuzi in 2008, Noncent never imagined he would make it this far. In 2018, he passed the required national exams and graduated from high school. He now serves as a youth leader for the Youth Empowerment Program. He recently moved close to the school to spend more time with his group of 10 students. Inspired by the opportunity to get an education, he has decided to teach at Anis Zunuzi one day and to support a student financially.

“I promise you, one day when I’m bigger, I will help someone else who is in need.” 

Your donations support 95% of the operating budget of Anis Zunuzi School.

Educate another Noncent. Give $12/month.

Mona support the education of all students at Georges Marcellus including providing a meal a day to each child.

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