Laxmi’s Story: Becoming self-reliant through education. India.


The Obama Foundation and the Global Girls Alliance joined hands with Digital Study Hall to make a short film on the life of Laxmi Nishad, an alumna of Prerna Girls School. Kiran Sahu, who is currently a student of Prerna Girls School, played the role of Laxmi in the film shared earlier. Laxmi, Kiran, and Dr. Urvashi Sahni were invited to Chicago to speak at the Obama Foundation Summit in November 2018. Below is a glimpse of them on stage. The event was extensively covered by the local media. 

Laxmi, now 25, is the eldest of four children. Her mother passed away when she was 13 and her father was an alcoholic who spent what little they did have on his addiction. Laxmi, determined to have a better life, worked as a domestic worker and saved. She came across the Prerna Girls School where she was able to receive an education and eventually a job to support her family.

“I clean seven houses to support my family.   There was no money for school.  I didn’t want a life like my mom. I was determined to go to school.  I remembered a friend telling me about a school where the fees were not very much.  That is where I found Prerna.  My school not only gave me an education, it made me self-reliant.  Now I have a good job.  I can support my family.” – Laxmi

Educate a child and change their world.

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