Kerolayne Story: I am building my future. Brazil.

“The Family Development Center (FDC)  in ADCAM, Brazil  helped me in many situations, especially at school, because before, I didn’t have the skills I have now. I feel very grateful for all the help I received. I have also changed my way of relating to my friends.   I now feel more open to new friendships, I have friends, and I share my joys with them. Thank you to all the teachers who helped me, and are still helping me, to build my future, making me a good person. Thank you very much!”

Jocivaldo, another student, began studying at FDC at age 11 when relating to his peers was an overwhelming challenge for him. After four years at the center and with Mona support, Jocivaldo is now a strong, confident young man who credits NDF for his growth. His family often joins him at the center for group activities.

“The experience changed my life. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Before I didn’t have the skills I have now. I feel more open to friendships and share my joys with friends.”  

ADCAM is located in one of the poorest sections of Manaus, the capital city of the State of Amazonas. Since 2006, Mona Foundation has supported this project with scholarships and funds for capital improvement.

The Family Development Center at ADCAM provides a safe community space for 150 at-risk youth ages 11-15 to learn and grow. The center empowers students and their families to serve humanity. It encourages students to develop personal talents and to explore and expand their natural abilities. It also teaches specific life skills to enable them to make a decent living upon graduation.

Give the gift of education to another child. Give $50/month.

Education changes everything and makes everything possible.

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