Jean-Baptiste Story: Caring about the next generation. Haiti.

“All around the world, many adults are not conscious of the importance of being a positive role model for young people. The youth are the future of our world. They are looking to adults for examples of good behavior, and they will repeat the behaviors they see. To work for a better future, adults should be loving to children, give them a good education, provide assistance when they need it, and be positive role models.” – Jacques

“Nowadays, corruption seems something normal, not just in other parts of the world but also in Haiti. Around the world today, we see the number of corrupt leaders at all levels increasing and corruption growing. To figure out a solution is very difficult. Forward-thinking countries do not tolerate corruption, so we, too, must reject this, for the sake of progress in our dear country of Haiti.” – Jean-Baptiste

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The youth can change the world. The ethical youth like Jean-Baptise will change Haiti.

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