Ferrodin Story: From no school to students council president. Haiti.

Ferrodin is an 11th grader at Anis Zunuzi School in Haiti. After coming to Anis Zunuzi in 2016, she immediately distinguished herself by her positive attitude and intense desire to learn. Despite being new at the school, she soon became the President of the Student Council.

“For the last two years I was the only one able to go to school in my family. My two brothers could not go because of the lack of funds. This year none of us were going to attend. My father has not worked for several years. My mother sells shoes. My brothers and I suffer constantly from hunger. We often eat only one meal a day and sometimes go the whole day with nothing. Deeply touched by the situation, the Zunuzi School gave me a scholarship from the Mona Foundation. I rejoiced at this opportunity but was sad because of my brothers. Fortunately, the scholarship allowed my brothers to attend school as well.

Arriving at school I was received as if it was my family. The children accepted me immediately and made me part of their teams. I was happy. I love school for its exceptional functioning, cleanliness, services, and programs. I feel I belong to a new family and I am proud. I feel loved by the directors of the school who offer me the possibility of growing every day, and I take advantage of it. On behalf of myself, my brothers, and all Mona Foundation scholarship recipients, I want to express our gratitude to the Mona Foundation for this great gesture of love and humanity to our school.” – Ferrodin

It costs $50/month to educate Ferrodin.


Educate another student council president

Anis Zunúzí Baha'i School is an oasis of hope in the midst of chaos outside its walls. Offering excellent academics, arts and music and Youth Empowerment Programs to connect the students to, and restore their pride in their cultural identity, the school educates 355 K-12 students, of whom 55% are girls. It only take $50/month to educate one child at Zunuzi.

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