Fenelon Story: Dreaming to the school band director. Haiti.

Fenelon, now in 12th grade, has been attending Anis Zunuzi School since 3rd grade. He lives near the school with an elderly woman who has cared for him for the past 10 years. After completing his daily chores in the afternoons, he often returns to school to practice the trombone, flute, saxophone, or trumpet, all of which he plays in the school band. Fenelon dreams of directing the school band and is preparing himself for it. Serious about everything he does, Fenelon has gained the admiration and confidence of teachers and students. He completed the moral education program, and now participates in the Junior Youth Group.

At one point, the school was concerned Fenelon would quit school due to limited finances. However, thanks to the Mona Foundation and to Fenelon’s constant efforts and determination to create a good future for himself, he was awarded a Mona scholarship. After completing his secondary studies, he dreams of becoming a great musician, an agronomist, or both. Fenelon is extremely grateful to Mona donors who made it possible for him to complete his studies.

Discover another hidden gem. Educate another Fenelon.

It takes just $50 a month to educate one student for one year at Anis Zunuzi School.

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