Beatriz and Brenda Story: The road to university. Brazil

Despite the severe financial difficulties that her family faces, with scholarship from Mona, Beatrice has attended the Masrour School at ADCAM, Brazil since age four. A studious student, she goes to great lengths to excel in all her studies as her sister, Brenda, did before her.   Brenda also attended Masrour starting in kindergarten and now attends the Federal University of Amazonas where she majors in biology.

Mona scholarships enabled both Beatriz and Brenda to complete their studies. With little education, their single mother works as cleaning assistant; she does not earn enough to support her family. Though she works a lot, she always makes time to take her daughters to school, relying on the hope of a better future for them

I am a mother with great gratitude for ADCAM, because my daughters have access to quality education. After ADCAM, Brenda went to the Federal University, and I wish the same for my daughter Beatriz and for Isabela who is 6. I want my daughters to have a life different from mine and I can say that they will, because of the education they are getting. Thanks to all the friends of this institution, my heart will be eternally grateful.” – Beatrice and Brenda’s mother

The Association for Cohesive Development of the Amazon (ADCAM) started in 1985 as a small orphanage with 30 kids. Today, it is a nationally-recognized institution which offers K-12, a technical college, vocational training, a family development center and rural education programs serving over 320 students, and 2,500 youth, families and elderly a day.

Through the partnership established over the years between ADCAM and the Mona Foundation, ADCAM has continued its socio-educational activities that benefit children, young people, youth, families and the community. By supporting quality education, access to education, qualifying adolescents and young people for the job market, empowering pre-youth and with the skills needed to ensure sustained income, ADCAM continues to see material improvement in its community despite the tremendous economic challenges facing the country.

Educate another Brenda and change a life forever with $50/month.

Education is the key to alleviating poverty and prejudice and a gift that last.

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