Alceus Story: Georges Marcellus School, Haiti

Alceus is the top student in his class at George Marcellus. Last year, when he stopped coming to school, his teachers became concerned and visited his home to find out why. The family reluctantly admitted they could not pay his monthly $2 school fee. This fee, created to increase a sense of ownership by the parents community, is not nearly enough to cover school expenses, so the Mona Foundation provides support to provide for books, school supplies, uniforms, one meal per day, and teachers’ salaries.

When the school administrators became aware of the situation, they immediately agreed to waive the fee so Alceus could attend school. Since then, Alceus has continued to study diligently and is back at the top of his class.

“I love to learn! Thank you, Mona Foundation for your support. I am very happy that I can go to school every day.” – Alceus

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