Our 2020 Impact

We believe results count only when lives are changed and communities are transformed for the better.

How We Track Progress

Since 1999, Mona has granted more than $12 million to 45 partner organizations in 21 countries, supporting the education of more than 2 million students in 2020.

2020 and COVID19: Year of Transition to Online Education Common indicators & 2020 results across all partners.

Total Funding


# of Partner Organizations


# of Partners Transitioned to Online


# of Countries served


# of Students Directly Educated (online & inclass)*


% of Girls Educated**

Not known

# of Schools Served


# of Teachers Trained


# of Parents Trained


# of Known Service Projects


# of Communities Served (by Schools or Service Projects)


# of other individuals directly served through outreach***


* Includes both in person and # of unique users tracked on partners’ online platforms.
** Digital platforms, supported by Mona in various partner organizations in the past 20 years, does not track unique users’ gender.
*** Outreach programs included educational sessions on COVID19 prevention, access to health and food relief agencies as well as legal resources available to prevent violence against women.

COVID19 Relief Provided

# of masks delivered


# meals served


# of sanitary napkins distributed to girl students


# of new one-room schools added in urban slums thru use of technology*


# of girls empowerment/prevention of violence against women webinars


# of people helped


* In 2019 and in collaboration with Study Hall Educational Foundation, Mona supported 30 one-room schools in urban slums or rural villages around Lucknow where there is no access to clean water, sanitation, or schools. In 2020 we added 33 new one-room schools by providing teachers computers, cell phones, training, and access to the online educational platform, Digital Study Hall. reaching about 2,000 students. See this video for details.

How We Measure Success

In 2017 we worked with each of our partners and an advisory committee to identify field-relevant indicators of sustained positive change. The Mona Foundation Evaluation and Monitoring Framework reflects their experiences and input, and measures each partner’s progress as indicated by program outcomes, student outcomes, and social outcomes. These indicators align with 2018 World Bank report on "LEARNING to realize education’s promise".

Program Outcomes

Improving access to education as indicated by improved infrastructure and sufficient supplies; increase in number of students enrolled; and increase caregiver and community engagement in education.

Student Outcomes

Improving teaching and learning as indicated by increase in teachers skills and knowledge; increase in number of students who pass national exams, and increase in number of students who transition to the next level of education or into work.

Social Outcomes

Transformed communities, as indicated by most significant change stories as qualitative examples of sustained change, realized a result of improvement in students' character development, life skills and service to community.

Mona Foundation Evaluation Framework: a field generated view of measuring sustained change


Contributors: Mona advisory team and the principals of 12 projects in 10 countries


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