Programme for Children, Sierra Leone

Past and present events have created overwhelming obstacles for access to education in Sierra Leone. Programme for Children, with support from their US based non-profit, Schools for Salone, has built over 65 schools, countless latrines and water wells for children to access education.

About the project

Programme for Children (PFC) is a highly regarded non-governmental organization in Sierra Leone that works to support community development and improve access to education. With support from its US-based non-profit, Schools for Salone, PFC has constructed over 65 schools with latrines and water wells and provided scholarships to educate thousands of children.

Most of Sierra Leone’s infrastructure was destroyed during its civil war (1991- 2002) and rebuilding has been slow. In the more rural areas, middle schools are far and few between making it nearly impossible for students to continue their education beyond primary school.

PFC works with villages to address this need. The village secures and clears the land for their school and PFC constructs a four-classroom building with a water well, latrines, and a hand-washing station. It also provides the furniture, books, materials, and supplies needed to get the school up and running.

How we help

Mona Foundation began working with Programme for Children in 2019.

Our first collaboration was to build a four-classroom middle school in the village of Njomborhun, providing 150 students with safe access to education. The school enables the students, particularly the girls, to go to school safely instead of walking seven miles each way. Mona also funded the school’s furnishings, books, learning materials, and supplies.

In 2020, Mona supported an addition of four classrooms for the Muloma Vocational Technical Training Complex. The expanded center will have a dual purpose: to provide a teacher training center serving 7 villages, and to provide vocational training to 100 women and men to help them through the ‘hungry months’ between harvests. Despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, construction was completed on schedule.

This year we are providing teacher training to ten teachers at $300/year.

This year we are providing teacher training to nine teachers at $300/year.

There are six teachers at the school in Njomborhun and three teachers at the school in Masosingbi who are untrained and uncertified. This means they have received no education or training on how to teach and are ineligible for the government teacher payroll.

Sponsoring teachers for certification is an integral part of the larger whole of supporting education in Sierra Leone. Once teachers are certified, they are eligible for government payroll. Schools for Salone and Programme for Children are currently working toward getting all the teachers in the schools we have helped build certified by the government through distance learning. The government certification program takes place during school breaks for three years.

With $3,000 provided last year plus the $2,700 for 2021, all teachers teaching at Mona Foundation-funded schools will be either certified or working toward their certification.

2021 Muloma Teacher Certification Training

In 2020, Mona Foundation committed to support Programme for Children in expanding the Muloma Vocational Technical Complex to add four classrooms for teacher certification and vocational training.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, construction on this building began on 12 April 2020. The work is now completed and serves 150 students!

The Mona Foundation team returned in late September 2019 from the opening celebrations of the middle school Mona funded in Njomborhun village in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

The trip was a profound experience. We have never been more inspired by a determined people. As a result of the dedicated efforts of the community and government, children from six villages will now receive a quality middle school education in a safe environment.

Building the school was a dream come true for the villages, and their delight and gratitude were obvious throughout the ceremony.

Among the greeters were chiefs from six villages, officials from the ministry of education, other officials, and all the women leaders who had pleaded for the past three years with Programme for Children to build the school.

At the ceremony, one leader after another stood up to say building the school was a collaboration between local and global nonprofits and the government, but now “their work ends and your work begins.”  They stressed the school’s success depends on the chiefs, elders, parents, and students. “Your backs are made to carry backpacks and not babies” was heard again and again.


Help fund a school in Masosingbi, Sierra Leone

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2020 Achievements

Muloma Women’s Technical Vocational Centre (MWTVC) is completed and has 150 students!

The Njomburhun middle school Mona Foundation funded in 2019 had an increase in enrollments by 10%.

2021 Project Goals

  • Build a school in Masosingbi, impacting 250 students, 120 girls and 130 boys
  • Sponsor the teacher certification of 10 teachers
  • Support Muloma Vocational Training Center with educational materials

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