New Horizon, Haiti

Recognized as one of the best in Haiti, New Horizon School is educating its students as agents of change in sustainable development of Haiti through its commitment to academic excellence, vocational training and service to the community. Of its 519 students, 56% are girls. 95% of its students graduate to the next level, compared to the national average of 22%.

About the project

In 1986, parents in a rural area of Haiti started a kindergarten to educate their children. New Horizon School has been expanding ever since.

New Horizon is recognized as one of the best K-12 schools in Haiti for its innovative approach to education including focus on science, technology, environmental protection, fine arts, sports, moral education, and service. The school has one of the few well-equipped chemistry and science labs in the country, computer labs for both elementary and secondary students, a SMART room for interactive instruction, and generates 70% of its needed energy through solar powers.

At New Horizon, all teachers are certified by Ayiti Education, considered among the best teacher preparation programs in Haiti. Teachers at the secondary level have four years of university training. Of its 456 students, 60% are girls. 95% of its students graduate to the next level, compared to the national average of 22%.

Despite facing severe civil unrest in Haiti, New Horizon only closed for 2 weeks, compared to 2 – 3 month closures of other schools in the country. This was made possible by the faculty housing that was built last year. In 2019, five seniors were selected to receive college scholarships with a commitment to serve New Horizon for at least three years upon their college graduation.

How we help

For over 10 years Mona Foundation has helped fund the building and equipping of a primary school, a high school and a vocational school. A computer lab and library have recently been opened. New solar panels have been installed, the only school which has them! A new basketball court, new laboratory and materials, and first white board installed which assisted children that were allergic to the chalk from blackboards. Additionally, a sustainable agriculture project to regenerate the land around the school, provide income for local residents and the school, and provide much needed products for Haiti was initiated with over 30,000 jatropha seedlings planted.

New Horizon has assured that their teachers are certified and has formed partnerships with other schools and organizations in Haiti to improve the quality of education. One such agreement is with Haiti Tec, a renowned vocational institute, to help develop curriculum for the vocational school and provide technical certification for New Horizon graduates which will improve their employ-ability.

New Horizon’s vision is to create an educational complex that serves the needs of their community and prepares youth to participate in the future development of Haiti. From 2010-2015 they built a primary school, high school classrooms and a vocational school.

Originally, the vocational school was intended to teach culinary arts. The vision expanded to include courses for the hospitality industry as a whole, construction, computing, A/C and refrigeration and agriculture, all much needed skills in Haiti. New Horizon is well into its current 5-year plan to carry out thei next phase of development from 2016-2020. It started with computing and construction courses, and courses in a new trade added each year. This year they have also had enrollment increase to 450 students!

In Haiti, many teachers only have a few years of education beyond the grade they teach. At New Horizon, all teachers are certified including kindergarten staff. Many have completed a 3-year program at Ayiti Education, considered among the best teacher preparation programs in Haiti. Teachers at the secondary level have four years of university.  Teaching training, however, continues to be an important part of school agenda, and each year several sessions of teacher trainings are conducted to ensure a high quality of teaching and learning.

One English assignment asked the students to write about themselves and what they have learned recently. Below is an excerpt of a young boy named Jacque:

“Instead of talking about myself, I prefer to talk about something dear to my heart. Nowadays, all around the world, a lot of people are not conscious about the importance of being a positive role model for children.

Children are the future of our world and they are looking up to adults to learn their behavior.

They will reproduce the behaviors they see today. So, to work for a better future, adults should be loving to children, give them a good education, assistance when they need it and by being positive role models for them.”

The 8th grade students worked with the children of a school in the village of Tianyenon environmental awareness.  As part of the Moral Education Course and the Citizenship Education Course, 8th grade students decided to educate children in the village of Tianyenon about environmental protection. They prepared two posters on concrete actions that can be taken to make this protection effective and they organized a garbage collection activity for the school yard.  This visit was an extraordinary success and well-received by the administrators and teachers of the Bon Semeur school as well as by the students.

The New Horizon high school students also organized a fair and exhibition of endangered species to raise awareness about the protection of natural habitat of the animals to protect endangered species from extinction.

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2020 Achievements

519 students (56% girls) received quality education


45 teachers trained and successfully transitioned to online education

New cafeteria completed, impacting 304 students


Faculty housing completed

2021 Project Goals

  • Operations support/teachers’ salaries, $53,234
  • Provide scholarship to 2 university students, $3,062
  • Educational materials, $12,000
  • Agriculture project on 25 hectares to help alleviate funding needs

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