Glory School, India

Offering quality education to underserved students in remote Himalayan villages in North India.

About the project

Founded in 2012, Glory School offers K-1 serving nearly 290 students from the remote villages outside of Chandigarh in the Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, one of the poorest and undeveloped areas in North India. Most people in these villages are subsistence farmers and many are among the most disadvantaged in the state. As in many other parts of India, educating girls is given little value.

Glory School addresses the need for quality education in these villages. The school is open to all children and particularly aims to educate and empower girls. It strives for excellence in academics as well as in the arts, music and dance, athletics, and computer and information technology. Its after-school programs provide moral education for children and early adolescents with focus on empowering them to contribute to the betterment of their communities.


How we help

Since 2019, Mona Foundation has provided 45 girls with student scholarships to Glory School.  Many of these students have become the main volunteers in the after-school programs for younger children.

Support the needs of this amazing school, benefiting 290 students

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2020 Achievements

Provided full scholarships for 15 girls

Transitioned to online education

2021 Project Goals

Provide scholarships for 15 girls.

Educate a child for one year!

Give $80 a month to support the education of one girl for a year