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About the project

When Mongolia moved abruptly from a centralized socialist system to a market economy in 1990, there were several years of economic crisis and dislocation. One result was that the number of kindergartens in the country fell 50% in just six years.

 Since 1993, the Mongolian Development Center has helped to develop curriculum and teacher training to reestablish preschools on a new foundation. Today they work with 42 kindergartens across the country serving over Serves 7,760 children in addition to1,308 teachers.  

How we help

The Mongolian Development Center’s curriculum and training for teachers and parents is beginning to produce a transformation in how early childhood education is viewed and practiced in Mongolia, which has become a collaborative effort among all the participants. Here are some results:

  • To create a clean and peaceful atmosphere, one school formed teams which included kindergarten workers, teachers and parents. Teams initiated and implemented different service projects for the kindergarten classes.
  •  A teacher said, “The program does not only impact the children; we too learn a lot while conducting the curriculum. We’re learning to collaborate with our fellow teachers. Also, it changed the way we raise and educate our own children. And now we have friendly relationships with parents.” 
  • A 4-year old boy was carrying a heavy backpack and walking very slowly. But he noticed one of the girls also had a heavy bag. He said, “You will be tired, please give your bag to me,” and he carried her bag along with his own. 
  • 3-year old Erdenebayar was about to leave the kindergarten with his mom when he saw a toy on the playground. He said, “This belongs to our class, I must put it back,” and he took it back to the teacher.


Character Development for Children

The sequence of course materials is called, “Hidden Gems,” which provides character development material at three levels focusing on moral capabilities. The material includes children’s workbooks, a teacher’s manual, parents’ manual, display material with quotations and pictures illustrating moral capabilities and a CD of songs and stories.

Training for Teachers

Teachers study materials called, “‘The Teacher as a Model” and “Encouraging Children and Bringing Joy to their Hearts.” They also meet with parents during trainings to find out their views on the role of teachers as models.

Training for Parents

“Educating our Children” is a training course for parents, which helps them understand that moral education is fundamental to all branches of education and to reflect on their attitudes and practices in the education and discipline of their children. Facilitator’s training courses were organized for 72 teachers from six localities, and each planned a Parents Training for their own kindergartens.

Achievements in

Served more than Serves 7,760 children + 1,308 teachers

Trained 1,308 teachers from around Mongolia.

Trained 950 parents from 22 different kindergartens by 44 teachers in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Sainshand, Murun and Selenge

Impacted additional 6,780 community members through various outreach programs.  

Deliver the program to 7,680 children (age 3 to 5) in 39 kindergartens from 6 localities and  train 356 teachers.  

Start the programme in new kindergarten. Make field visits to all kindergartens for training and evaluation.

Train 40 kindergarten managers from 6 regions

Train Teachers!

Give $50 a month, or $500 a year to support one month of teacher training activities.

Rebuilding dreams

When Mongolia moved abruptly from a centralized socialist system to a market economy in...