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Educate a child

About the project

When Mongolia moved abruptly from a centralized socialist system to a market economy in 1990, there were several years of economic crisis and dislocation. One result was that the number of kindergartens in the country fell by 50% in just six years.

 Since 1993, the Mongolian Development Center has helped to develop curriculum and teacher training to reestablish preschools on a new foundation. Today they work with 42 kindergartens across the country serving over 7,526 children in addition to1,308 teachers.  

How we help

We believe that teacher training and continuous learning is at the core of learning of teaching and learning, particularly in early years.  For this reason, Mona has been supporting the Mongolian Development Center early childhood education program for the past several years, and we are now beginning to see how early childhood education is being transformed and practiced in Mongolia. The following quote from one of the teachers who participated in the training program is illustrative:

"First of all we need to change our mindset. We have many things which we know but never put into action.  I learnt many skills and methods such as how to help children become active member of the society and how to correctly work each individual child, and ways of encouragement and conversing with them. This training is real encouragement for new teachers who have just started working as teachers. The training was very different that other trainings which we participated. For example, all teachers were able to participate and that it helped us to learn to work as teams. I was inspired to learn more and I will work hard to become a better teacher."  

Character Development for Children

The course materials are called, “Hidden Gems.” It provides character development material at three levels focusing on moral capabilities. The material includes children’s workbooks, a teacher’s manual, parents’ manual, display material with quotations and pictures illustrating moral capabilities and a CD of songs and stories.

Training for Teachers

Teachers study materials called, “‘The Teacher as a Model” and “Encouraging Children and Bringing Joy to their Hearts.” They also meet with parents during trainings to find out their views on the role of teachers as models.

Training for Parents

“Educating our Children” is a training course for parents, which helps them understand that moral education is fundamental to all branches of education and to reflect on their attitudes and practices in the education and discipline of their children. Facilitator’s training courses were organized for 72 teachers from six localities, and each planned a Parents Training for their own kindergartens.

2017 Achievements

Served 7,526 kindergarteners of whom 52% were girls.  

Trained 77 new teachers, and supported 354 more teachers with continuing education.

Trained 1,150 parents to reinforce learning at home.  

Impacted an additional 6,000 community members through various outreach programs.  

Development curriculum & materials to reach 5,800 more students.  

Conduct reflection meetings for parents' training facilitators to evaluate and monitor the impact of the program. 

Make field visits to 26 kindergartens to meet 26 managers, 20 curriculum directors and 242 teachers.

Visit 13 other kindergartens with 71 classes, 166 teachers, serving an additional 3,200 students who have independently adopted this program.

Train Teachers!

Give $50 a month to support 2 months of teacher training activities.

Rebuilding dreams

When Mongolia moved abruptly from a centralized socialist system to a market economy in...