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About the project

Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School was chartered to serve the poorest of Haiti’s children. Over three decades ago, a Belgian family donated the land and the buildings this purpose. There was no electricity or telephone, or even public transportation to the site. But the need for education for the poor outweighed the logistical challenges.

Since then, the city of Port-au-Prince has grown to surround the school and it has become an important resource for the neighborhood. Mona Foundation has provided scholarship support and funds for capital improvement.  

How we help

Even when they were little boys, brothers Anderson and Donovard dreamed of becoming great people who could be useful to their community. But they worried that their economic situation would prevent them from attaining their goal. Their father, a police officer, was tragically killed and though their mother did her best to keep the family afloat, she got ill and could no longer afford to send the boys to school.

A friend took the family to Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School and after a review of their circumstances the boys were offered a Mona Foundation scholarship.  They entered Zunuzi in grades 4 and 5. Now, they are about to finish high school and will be entering university. Anderson plans to be an administrator and Donovard, a doctor.


Education in Haiti is not free and without such support, these boys may have ended up on the street, like so many others, with few prospects to improve their lives. Instead, they are fulfilling their dreams and can be among those who have the opportunity to lead Haiti to a better future.

Quality education

In addition to sound academics, Zunuzi offers an enriched curriculum that is different from other schools which includes music, the arts and computing. Students 11-17 learn to read music and play an instrument in just six months. A recent neighborhood outreach program resulted in 100 new applications because people were astonished at the variety of services offered at the school.

Summer Camp

Zunuzi opens its campus for an enrichment summer camp with sports, arts and moral education for the neighborhood children. The campus is a safe haven from the streets for kids from the neighborhood.

Satellite School 

Zunuzi provides assistance with teacher training and institutional capacity building for a satellite school in rural Guerot – Georges Marcellus School – which serves 232 kids from kindergarten to 6th grade.

Character Education

Haiti is in desparate need of moral leders who will put the interests of Haiti and its people ahead of their own personal gains and help develop Haiti's richly endowed human resources so that it can break through the cycle of dependency that has pleagued and paralyzed it for the past several decades.   To this end, the School has adopted the Youth Empowerment Program designed to build capacity and develop the youth to become the leaders and change agents in their own sustained community transformation.   

Story of Transformation - We the Children of Haiti

“I was really without hope when I knocked on the door of the Anis Zunuzi School. Thanks to your generosity, today I have the chance to have a better future."

"I wish to offer special thanks to those who contributed and aided the Mona Foundation to enable the education of so many children in places all over the world. We, the children of Haiti, hope that this support continues to provide help to our sisters and brothers, who, like me, without this support, would not have much hope."  Mona Foundation invests $50/month in the education of this aspiring young girl.

Achievements in

97% of middle school and 80% of high school students graduated.  (In Haiti, less than 22% of children graduate from primary to secondary school)

329 students served, 43 students received full scholarships.

Launched and led by youth themselves the Youth Empowerment Program to sustain community transformation.

Increase full scholarships to 72 students.

Relocate and fully operationalize the new library, complimented by a computer lab.

Improve the quality of education through contineous teacher trainng, expanded music and art and Youth Empowerment Program.

Expand the summer camp to include kindergarten

Further build the administrative capacity of the school through hiring an operations manager.

Change a life!

Give $50 a month, or $500 a year, to fund the education of one student for a whole school year.

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