Stacie Devitt

San Diego Chapter member

Stacie Devitt is an accomplished professional and philanthropist. She is committed to the promotion of human rights and the advancement of peaceful societies. She is a champion for underprivileged families and actively supports and is engaged in many social causes, including the advancement of fairness in the United States’ immigration process.

Stacie is currently the Board Chairman of the American Bar Association Immigration Justice Project, an organization that promotes due process and access to justice for immigrants and asylum seekers through the provision of high-quality legal services.

After a successful career in commercial real estate, Stacie is now actively involved in local political analysis and development, while working on her political science degree at the University of San Diego. Stacie believes that access to a quality education is one of the greatest gifts a child can receive

I am deeply honored to be a part of an organization that works tirelessly to empower girls through learning

Stacie Devitt