Shiva Riddell

Advisory Board Member

Shiva believes in lifelong learning and education.  The fact that Mona Foundation’s mission revolves around education is what motivates her to action.  She began her own education with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and subsequently completed her Masters in Education.  Throughout her nursing career, she worked in cardiac care units, surgical units, and public health departments. After taking time to raise her two sons, she redirected her focus to personal well being and preventative health.  Over a 17 year period she trained clients in fitness, yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Rumi’s “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do” became the cornerstone of her approach to life and growth.

Shiva has travelled extensively throughout the world and during her travels, she became inspired to represent the beautiful art created by local women artisans. She was the founder and CEO of Lotus by Shiva – Accessories from around the globe, specifically jewelry and scarves.  She provided an avenue for women artisans to sell their art here in the US. She worked with women in India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tibet, China, Japan, Belgium, Indonesia, Mexico and the US. When we help elevate women, we see its fruits in creating a better world.

Shiva has always been active in her local community. She served on the Sister City Commission for many years, serving as its Chairperson for 5 years. She represented the US traveling three times with the Mayor of Edmonds and his delegation to Hekinan, Japan, to promote friendship and cross cultural exchange.  She and her family hosted 10 students over the years from Japan.

Shiva’s passions include her family, traveling, vegetarian cooking, gardening, poetry, dance, and painting.  She is currently focused on her art and has been painting commissioned artwork.

When we widen our vision to include all of humanity, it is easy to see that we are more similar than different. Every child has so much unrealized potential! What better purpose in life than to help advance that potential. Mona Foundation has the perfect approach to helping children and girls in particular in that quest

Shiva Riddell