Paul Davison

Los Angeles Chapter member

Paul Davison is a fierce advocate of socially-responsible business practices. Currently, Paul serves as Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of a leading natural digestive health and wellness company. Previously, Paul served as Vice President at Proctor & Gamble’s New Chapter Vitamins division, in addition to leadership roles at other natural products, healthy beverage, and plant-based nutrition companies.

Paul is also a fifth-generation West Pointer, former Army master paratrooper, award-winning screenwriter, “recovered” reality television producer, novelist, and the father of two young girls.

Paul learned from an early age that a life lived in service to others was a life worth living, which made getting involved in the Mona Foundation a natural next step. Moved by the fact that investing in the education and empowerment of young girls can lift entire communities out of poverty and hopelessness, Paul is excited about working together to further Mona’s inspiring and vital mission.

Life lived in service to others is a life worth living

Paul Davison