Nava Ghalili

Board of Advisory member, San Diego Chapter member

Nava Ghalili was one of the youngest news anchors in the history of American television and is an active youth empowerment activist. She had also created, produced and hosted an Emmy-nominated series as a 24 year-old journalist. She is a film producer, actress, voiceover artist as well as a media consultant to multi-media agencies that serve as a voice to underrepresented population, political consultant for films and general consultant for non-profit organizations worldwide as an activist for education and women’s rights. Nava has been an international motivational speaker on topics related to social transformation and youth empowerment since 13 years of age.

Sought out for employment for senior-level advisory positions in counterterrorism by the government, Nava gives talks around the world on groundbreaking ways to prevent youth radicalization and violent extremism of various kinds from the perspective of her research, experience and as a millennial. Of Iranian heritage, Nava was born in America and also raised in Australia. She has advocated for issues ranging from moral education to gender equality and is currently developing educational curricula aimed at empowering youth called “Purify My Heart”. In addition to acting, dance and vocal training, Nava’s education includes Commerce (Curtin University) in Australia and Journalism (Harvard University). She also holds a Master of Science in Comparative Politics (Middle East Conflict) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Some of her recognitions and awards include West Australian Youth of the Year, Oprah Winfrey OWN Finalist to create a show for the network and a finalist to serve as a United Nations Ambassador for Youth Affairs.

Nava’s work has also been published by various media outlets including the Huffington Post.

The prosperity of our future will depend on the moral empowerment and education of children, as they are the future champions of justice

Nava Ghalili