Lori McKinney

San Diego Chapter member

Lori McKinney is the Chief Financial Officer at McKinney Capital and Advisory with over 30 years of experience in understanding and maximizing finances in investments of real estate and portfolio management. Lori takes pride in providing clients with confidence in their real estate decisions by bringing best practices and a fiduciary approach.

Lori has assisted investors and owner-users in managing expenses, budgeting, and forecasts, as well as strategic remodel for maximum value add in real estate investments. She is thorough and careful with each asset working from the perspective of maximizing asset value for future disposition. Lori brings her financial expertise to the asset management team. Her role includes financial forecasting & re-positioning of assets. Lori carefully prepares tax documents for all investors and keeps important dates for clients.

Lori has responsibility for everything that approaches a balance sheet or profit and loss statement. Her understanding of finance and accounting provides a ready resource to all with informative reporting for the team

I focus not on the bottom line, but on the relationships that create the bottom line

Lori McKinney