Kathryn Adams

Board of Advisory member

Dr. Kathryn Janene Adams is the executive director of Lidè, a foundation co-founded by writer Holiday Reinhorn, actor Rainn Wilson and Dr. Adams.

Dr. Adams is a specialist in the psychology of teaching and learning, especially in crisis and conflict zones, working in those contexts worldwide, training educators and relief professionals, as well as co-creating a video training series on the effects of trauma on learning which has been used within conflict zones that are inaccessible to outside NGOs.

Prior to directing Lidè, Dr. Adams was a tenured professor and coordinator of the Writing Center and Teaching and Learning Center at Moorpark College where she was awarded “professor of the Year”; she also taught educational psychology in the counseling and education graduate programs at California Lutheran University. Dr. Adams has worked as a therapist with children in foster care and their families, counseled children in elementary school settings, directed an academic support center, and facilitated therapeutic writing groups for veterans and for survivors of sexual trauma. She coordinated and co-facilitated Girls United: Haiti (2011), a UN Foundation supported short-term project, and has conducted trainings in for Lidè in Jordan and Lebanon, and as a part of the founding members of HST (Health Support Team) in Jordan and Haiti. She is also a member of an international working group for Global Citizenship Education.

Kathryn Janene Adams holds a M.A. in Writing, a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate in Education, specializing in the psychology of teaching and learning.

Mona recognizes and supports the innate wisdom of the local community in doing what is right for the future of their children and thus the future of our shared global community.

Kathryn Adams