Akil Bhagat

Seattle Chapter member

Akil is an optical engineer at Zemax, an optical design software company based in Kirkland, Washington. In 2016, he moved to Seattle from his hometown of Boulder, Colorado to join Zemax. Soon after, he began searching for a local education-based nonprofit he could get involved in.

Akil first learned about Mona when he attended the 2017 Gala event as a Zemax guest. Believing that education is a key to solving many of the problems in the world today, he was inspired by Mona’s work in communities where access to education has historically been a challenge.

While in college, Akil volunteered with the Institute of Optics to teach low-income children about physics. He also led the finance committee for his fraternity, the astronomy chapter, and the lacrosse club. He enjoys watching football, playing lacrosse, and playing video games with friends all over the country.

I was blown away at the Gala event by how much Mona is doing, as opposed to talking about doing. Rainn’s story about how Mona is empowering people in Haiti to rebuild their own communities showed me that Mona cares deeply about achieving long-term results.

Akil Bhagat