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Kali Story: Transforming self, family, community. India.

Kali was born in a tribal household in Alirajpur, the least literate district in India according to the 2011 Census. When she was 11 years old, she contracted polio. Born a girl, poor, and now disabled, she had three strikes against her in her community.


Kali’s life changed dramatically when she was introduced to the Barli Institute. After completing the six-month training course, she reads and writes, owns a tailoring shop, and earns enough money to support herself and to educate all the children in her family. Kali formed a micro-financing group with 12 other women to help grow their own businesses. She bought a red scooter and had it specially fitted—giving her the freedom of mobility.


When a group from Mona visited her village, her father approached and said, “Thank you for supporting the education of my daughter. She is now a source of inspiration for all the girls in our village, and all the fathers and mothers want their daughters to be like Kali.”  


Mona Foundation provided $350 to cover Kali’s room, board, and training at Barli. Kali is now lifting herself and other women out of poverty, while transforming the hearts and minds of her community on the importance of educating girls.

Educate Another Kali. Give $1/day.

When you education a girl, you impact the lives of 100 more people. Women spend 92% of their income on their families.

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