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Monica and Madelaine Story: Hidden gem discovered, Panama

Monica Espinosa and Madelaine Rodríguezre are both indigenous Panamanians who would have probably been lost to poverty if the Badi School hadn’t found them, embraced them, and helped them to unlock their potential through the support of Mona scholarships. The result?   in 2016 they won three national and international science awards for their patented discovery.   The result? In 2016, Monica and Madeleine were awarded three recognitions:

  1. 1st place in a national contest hosted by the Ministry of Education of Panama in Engineering and Technology Research category.
  2. 2nd place in Global Fair, USA, INTEL ISEF 2016 (Intel Company - International Science and Engineering Fair) from among 1,750 high school students from 75 countries.
  3. Top Five Recognition, USA, Organization of American States, for “Evolution in the efficiency of the organic refrigerants based on Zeolita-Salmuera in the Refrigeration Systems”.  Simply put, Monica and Madelaine invented a refrigerant that does not pollute the environment.
This past year Monica also received the highest entrance examination score ever recorded in the history of the Technological University of Panama and was awarded a full 4-year college scholarship! 

Educate another Monica. Change a Life.

Education is a gift that lasts. Find another gem, and let her light brighten your day.

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