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A letter from Prerna: Unwanted, unequal, and unsafe. India.

The Aarohini initiative is a girls’ education and empowerment program based on the ideology that girls and other subordinate groups must learn to critically examine and understand the social and political conditions of their lives, the systemic causes of their oppression and collectively find ways of strengthening  themselves, resisting forces of domination and transforming their lives. With the help of teacher trainings, school led campaigns, policy suggestion, and advocacy, Aarohini Initiative is driving inclusion of gender studies as part of core curriculum to create an equitable and just world.


Through the voices of one of the students, the video shows the impact of the Aarohini Empowerment Programs on more than 800,000 students in 993 public schools.


When we began support of Digital Study Hall (DSH) in 2008, they worked with 21 schools. Today, aided by technology, policy push and partnership with the government and the Mona Foundation, Study Hall Education Foundation (DSH umbrella organization) has scaled its model of education across 993 government schools of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. More than 27,200 teachers have been trained and 891,000 girls impacted.

Empower 10 girls to stand up for education and equality. Give $175 just one time.

When women are educated and equipped with skills to earn a living, they spend 90% of their income on their families.

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