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Youth Empowerment Program: Youth leading the youth. Haiti.

Haiti is in desperate need of moral leaders who will put the interests of the country and its people ahead of their own personal gain. Only when leaders create a climate of honesty and trustworthiness—and an environment that supports and rewards individual initiative—can Haiti break its cycle of aid dependency that has paralyzed its development for decades. Eight out of 10 people in Haiti still worry about being hungry the next day even after billions of dollars in aid poured into the country following the 2010 earthquake.


Located in an area where the average wage is less than $2 a day, the Anis Zunuzi School is building capacity at the grassroots level by implementing the Youth Empowerment Program which trains the youth to become leaders and change agents in their communities.  As of summer of 2018, 10 student groups at the school were engaged in numerous social action and service programs that meet critical, local needs. 


Mona Foundation has supported Anis Zunuzi School and all its arts and empowerment programs for the past 19 years.    

Donate $50/month and empower 10 youth.

Change can only be created and sustained when it is initiated and led by the local community itself.

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