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Educate a child

Shafali Story: Empowered and preventing child marriages. India.

Shefali, an Aarohini student at Prerna Girls School, was concerned that her neighbor, Laali, was about to be married at age 16. Laali’s mother worked in a hospital, but with the father not around, she had difficulty supporting the family. Relatives told her if she married Laali off soon, they would pay her dowry. Laali’s mother agreed, and found a boy for her to marry right away.
Shefali shared her concern with her teacher, who with the school administrators informed the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). The Aarohini team and CWC reached Laali the day before her marriage.  

The family presented an identity card to the CWC showing Laali’s age to be 18. But when the CWC checked school documents, they discovered she was only 16. Together, the Aarohini team and CWC convinced Laali’s mother not to let Laali marry until she was 18.  Laali has since returned to Prerna Girls School to complete her studies.  


Mona has been supporting Aarohini Girls Empowerment Program and Prerna Girl School for the past several years.  

Empower another Shefali. $30/month provides for training of 10 girls.

Mona Scholarships for Prerna Girls and KGBVs Girls supported 430 girls who would have dropped out of school because of financial reasons to continue their education education. Another 100 girls have been sponsored at the Prerna Girls School.

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