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Educate a child

Sabine Story: Graduating with pride and dignity

Sabine never knew her father. Her mother washed clothes at an orphanage to support her three children. Her meager salary barely put food on the table, but knowing how important education is, she scraped together enough money to pay the school fees for Sabine at Anis Zunuzi School.
When Sabine entered eighth grade, her mother could no longer afford the fees. It looked like Sabine would have to leave school. Thankfully, because of donors like you, the Mona Foundation was able to offer a scholarship to Sabine, who will graduate from high school next year! Sabine is an excellent student and role model to the younger children. After she graduates, she plans to pursue a degree in administrative science.
“I am thankful for the high quality of the education that the school offers and I appreciate the discipline and the competence of the wonderful teachers. Thank you to the directors and the supporters of the Mona Foundation for this generous gift.”

Educate another Sabine

Anis Zunúzí Baha'i School was chartered to serve the poorest of Haiti’s children and has, over the course of 35 years, grown into a K-12 institution that serves 423 students. For just $50 a month you can support the education of one student for one year.

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Kushboo was born into a poor family in Lucknow, India. Her mother died when she was two. A few years after her father remarried, her stepmother died. The eldest daughter, Kushboo had to drop out of school in second grade to clean the house, cook, and look after her younger siblings.

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Beatriz and Brenda Story: The road to university. Brazil

Despite the severe financial difficulties that her family faces, with scholarship from Mona, Beatrice has attended Masrour School at ADCAM since age four. A studious student, she goes to great lengths to excel in all her studies as her sister did before her.

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Misheel story: The child teaches his mother. Mongolia.

Four-year-old Misheel began learning stories from Hidden Gems, the curriculum used by the Mongolian Development Center, and shared with her mother. Her mother works at Family Radio Station FM 104.5 in Darkhan and she felt that "these stories are very useful to develop positive qualities in the children," and began sharing the Hidden Gems stories on the radio. Now Kindergarten children throughout the city tune in to hear her read stories before their daily nap.!

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