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Caleb Story: A gifted musician discovered. Haiti.

Caleb is from Gonaives, a city in the center of Haiti. He is the youngest of four children; his brother and two sisters are considerably older. He has attended Anis Zunuzi since 2009, when he started grade one. Being very intelligent, Caleb completed two grades in one year. He works exceptionally well in class and is ahead of his classmates as he advances to Grade 11. He is a source of joy and pride to his parents and everyone at Zunuzi. Caleb's dream is to be an aeronautical engineer. He also shows great interest in computer science, physics, and music. He played the trombone in the first school band, quickly learned several other instruments, and then helped the music teacher teach new students. The excursions organized by the school are among his favorite activities because they help him discover his country. He thinks there is no better place in the world where he can learn. 
Caleb's parents always paid his school fees until the earthquake in January 2010, which destroyed his home and the homes of his extended family, leaving them unable to meet their expenses. However, thanks to donors like you, the school administration awarded him a scholarship from the Mona Foundation. Caleb and his parents never cease to express their appreciation for the scholarship, which enables him to complete his schooling. Sterling hopes to help others who need assistance. With the education he has received from the Mona scholarship, he can imagine a day when he will be able to repair a plane in flight, saving it from crashing. 

Discover another hidden gem. Educate another Caleb.

It only takes $50 a month to educate one student for a year in Anis Zunuzi School.

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Beatriz and Brenda Story: The road to university. Brazil

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