Mona Foundation’s 2020 Service Awards

On December 19th we celebrated and honored the exceptional and select group of Mona’s 2020 Service Award recipients whose vital, dedicated and long-term efforts on behalf of Mona’s children make our work possible. It was an inspiring and uplifting event highlighting selfless acts of service to humanity that are transforming lives and communities.

Mona Foundation 2020 Young Philanthropist Award

Presented to Ella Sobhani

In recognition of her inspiring acts of community service and support of Mona’s children.

“I’ve been a part of Mona since 5th grade. Their emphasis on grassroots education and focus on girls had impacted every philanthropic deed I’ve ever done and probably all the philanthropic deeds I hope to do in the future.” – Ella Sobhani




Mona Foundation 2020 Outstanding Service Award

Presented to Judy Rector

In appreciation of her selfless acts of service and support of Mona’s mission over the past 19 years.

“Mona has changed my life and I’ve been so grateful to go [to Haiti] and help in any way I can… On behalf of the children of Haiti and elsewhere, I thank Mona Foundation for doing such an amazing job around the the world.” – Judy Rector



Mona Foundation 2020 Humanitarian Award, Presented to Rainn Wilson & Holiday Reinhorn

In recognition of their long-term advocacy and exceptional philanthropic commitment to social justice and in support of Mona’s mission.

“Bringing us into the fold of Mona foundation… has really changed our lives and showed us how a life of philanthropy and service was possible.” – Rainn Wilson
“I truly feel like my life started when I made that first trip to Haiti with the Mona Foundation and watched how you can give on the individual level, on the community level, and on the global level…. It’s been truly an honor and a gift to be part of this organization.” – Holiday Reinhorn


Previous award recipients include:

  • Service Award:
    • Gaellen Quinn
    • Nadia Mahalingam
  • Youth Service Award
    • Megan Miller
    • Christopher Tucker
    • Nessa Samimi
    • Lila Chitayat
  • Humanitarian Award
    • Farhang Javid
    • Al Munjazeb
  • Distinguished Partner
    • Mike and Debra Anderson, Anderson Foundation, Zinpro Corporation





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