Honor and Remember Your Loved Ones.

Keep the legacy of a loved one alive forever by setting up a tribute fund in their honor or memory

Tribute Funds

Establishing a tribute fund with the Mona Foundation in support of education of students in need and empowering girls is a powerful and meaningful way to honor or memorialize the ones you love and  bring to life the legacy of their lives and unique services.

Establishing a tribute fund with the Mona Foundation is simple. Please contact our office at 425.743.4550, or email us at memorial@monafoundation.org when you are ready to set up a tribute fund with the Mona Foundation.  We will work closely with you to ensure all your wishes in establishing your tribute fund is met.  Decisions to consider:

  1. Your gift amount: While not required, we suggest that you consider a minimum gift of $3,000 which can be donated over three years by yourself as well as by your family members or friends.
  2. Your gift designation: You may designate your gift to either Mona General Fund in support of education of students where it is needed most, to a specific project Mona supports, or as a named Endowment within Mona Foundation Endowment Fund.
  3. The tribute profile and picture. We ask that you provide us with a tribute profile photo and paragraph so that we can honor or memorialize your loved one(s) on our website, Tribute Funds – Mona Foundation, as well as in our Annual Impact Report.

Mazkouri-Khoshkhesal Endowment

The Mazkouri-Khoshkhesal Endowment fund is in to honor and memorialize the sacrifices Mr. and Mrs. Khoshkhesal made for the education of not only their own future generations but also the education of children in need worldwide.

Their story is a story of love, service, resilience, faith, and sacrifice.  Mr. Arastoo Khoshkhesal (1937 – 2020) and Mrs. Nahid Mazkouri Khoshkhesal (1942 – 2021) were both born in Yazd, Iran and were both accepted to attend universities in Europe – Arastoo to university in Germany and Nahid to University of Cambridge – to study medicine. Due to unforeseen circumstances, neither one was able to pursue their hearts desire of achieving higher level education until later in life.  Instead, their paths crossed, and they married. They promised each other that no matter the challenges in their life, they would provide exceptional educational opportunities for their children.  Later, based solely on faith and their love for their children, they closed the doors to their home and businesses in Tehran, Iran in 1977 and pioneered to North Vancouver, Canada to form the first Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of North Vancouver District, and to provide educational opportunities for their two daughters and one son only to have all their assets confiscated by the Iranian government one year later because they were Baha’is.  All their lives, they fervently hoped that the sacrifices they made would result in providing educational opportunities not only for their children and their grandchildren, but for all children in need everywhere.  The Mazkouri Khoshkhesal Endowment fund honors and memorialize their sacrifices and their noble intent.

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Afsar Mirafzali Memorial Fund - August 29, 2018

Afsar Mirafzali was born and educated in Shiraz, Iran.  There she worked as an assistant to the Dean of the Pahlavi Medical School  while at the same time volunteering for different Baha’i institutions.  Once she migrated to the United States, she continued her education as a hair stylist while taking care of her 4 children, a skill which she later used only in service to her family.  Afsar was a very active member of the Baha’i community until she was diagnosed with lung cancer, a disease she bravely fought for 12 years. She passed away on August 29, 2018 and is survived by her husband, Mr. Shokrollah Mirafzali and her four children, seven grandchildren and three great grandsons.

This memorial fund provides K-12 scholarship for 40 students at Prerna School, India and honors the following late loved ones:  Afsar, Cecilia, Kamal, Keshvar, Heshmat, Ghodsieh, Esmat, Vajeeheh, Soltan, and Fakhri Mirafzali; Habib and Pari Mohtadi, Behjat Farzam, Ata’u’llah Astani, and Monavar, Ferdows, Abbas and Habib Ighani.

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Reed and Rudolph Memorial Fund Endowment

John F. Reed (September 25, 1901-June 22, 1953) was a WW II veteran and loving husband and father who passed away too young. My mother, Nora B. Reed (October 18, 1910- November 22, 1998) rose to the challenge of being a single parent to my brother and myself. She financially made it work by working part time as a bookkeeper, making and selling crafts, and doing many other odd jobs so that we never went without. As a girl I learned so much from her- to be able to support myself, to take care of those less fortunate, and to be a bit of a wanderlust. She was an extraordinarily independent woman for her generation.

William “Bill” Rudolph (1926-2010) and Mary “Mickey” O’Hanlon (1926-2012) were native New Yorkers and married there in 1948. They moved to Texas in the 1950’s to raise their 5 children. Their lives were built around service. Bill worked 2 jobs and attended night school to support the family materially while Mickey raised and cared for the children at home while providing family stability. Bill became a deacon in the Catholic Church in addition to his full-time job and the needs of the community was the center of his life, visiting the sick, burying the dead, comforting the bereaved, and performing weddings. He also was a strong supporter of the first responders in their community. He was only able to live his life of service due to assistance of his loving wife and lifelong partner Mickey.

Reed/Rudolph family

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Bob Wilson Memorial Fund for the Arts, 1942 - 2020

Robert Wilson was best known as an abstract painter and artist. His work has been shown at the prestigious Francine Seders Gallery in Seattle as well as in many galleries in New York, Connecticut, Chicago and Atlanta. In and around his beloved adopted hometown of Wenatchee he showed at the Robert Graves Gallery, Gallery One and Pybus Market as well as at Two Rivers and Collapse Galleries. His highly-praised, arresting work is in collections all over the United States. It can be viewed at RRWilsonArt.com.

He is a published author of both science fiction books (Tentacles of Dawn, Major Books) and works on business management (Top Shops!, Hanser Gardner).

Robert Wilson was an active follower of the Baha’i Faith and worked in service to that community since he became a Baha’i in 1963. He was attracted to and inspired by the Baha’i universal vision of peace and unity as well as the healing power of the words of its founder, Baha’u’llah. He served on countless assemblies, councils and committees over his 57 years as a Baha’i, even ‘pioneering’ to work with the communities around Bluefields, Nicaragua for two and a half years in the late sixties and early seventies.

But most of all, Robert was known and loved for his gentle heart, his incredible kindness and his joyful, loving sense of humor.

Robert Wilson Memorial Fund for the Arts is established by his son, Rainn Wilson, to annually award Robert Wilson Arts Scholarships to students who distinguish themselves in the performing arts at the Badi School in Panama.

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In Memory of Mr. Farhang Roshan-Zamir, 1932 - 2020

Farhang Roshan-Zamir dedicated his life to loving and supporting his family.  He passed away peacefully on November 24, 2020.

In lieu of sending flowers, we thank you for keeping his memory alive with your donation to MONA Foundation to create hope and change lives for those less fortunate than ourselves.

All donations received by Mona Foundation in memory of Mr. Farhang Roshan-Zamir will be allocated to building a school in Sierra Leone.

Thank you.

Roshan-Zamir Family

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Remembering Dr. Parviz Meshinchi

Dr. Parviz Meshinchi was born on June 11, 1930 in Bandar Pahlavi, Iran. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Tehran. He was an officer in the Health Corps working on the eradication of Malaria in Southern Iran. Parviz was a loving, and kind husband, father and grand-father. His strong belief in the Baha’i Faith directed all aspects of his life. Parviz was a member of the local Spiritual Assembly of Tabriz for many years. He was one of the few members who survived the targeted execution of the Baha’is of Iran in the 1980’s.
Dr. Meshinchi’s strong belief in Universal and higher education benefitted all in his circle. He was a life coach to so many youth in Iran and the United States; always encouraging the youth to concentrate their efforts on learning in order to reach their life goals. The marvelous efforts of Mona Foundation are in line with Dr. Meshinchi’s values of higher education and empowerment of women.

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Dr. Ali Tavangar Memorial Endowment

Dr. Ali Tavangar was born in Najafabad, a small town in Iran in 1915. His love of learning propelled him to pursue his education wherever possible, culminating in a doctorate degree in literature from the University of Tehran. Before pursuing his graduate studies, he was employed as a teacher in public schools, but was dismissed because of his religious beliefs as a Baha’i. Later in life, he was a professor at Jondishapour University in Southern Iran.
Having personally experienced the value of education, Dr. Tavangar dedicated his entire life to teaching children and young adults. Dr. Tavangar was also a poet and an author of several books and numerous scholarly articles. Above all, he is remembered by his family and friends as a wise, kind, humble, and gentle soul, with a deep commitment to social justice and the principle of oneness of humanity. Funds raised in His memory will be allocated to an Endowment fund in his name to support the education of children in perpetuity.

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Dr. Manucher Majzub Memorial Fund

Dr. Manucher Majzub was an architect, scholar, and loving husband, father, and grandfather. Service to the wider community in which he lived lay at the centre of his daily thoughts and actions. After obtaining his doctorate in architecture and city planning in Italy, Dr. Majzub returned to his native Iran and found the “Association of Baha’i University Graduates”. In his adopted country of Canada, he offered popular lectures and courses on religion and civilization, and volunteered for over 30 years in numerous community and service organizations.

As a tribute to his love of learning and knowledge, the Dr. Manucher Majzub Memorial Fund is created. Funds raised will be directed toward the Zunizi School in Haiti, which offers quality K-12 education to 329 students, bringing to its students hope in the midst of chaos.

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Adib Bam Scholarship Fund - Turning Grief into Hope

Adib Bam was just 7 years old when he died on Nov. 23, 2005, when an electrical fire ripped through his house. A year later, his family, wounds still fresh from the loss of their beloved son, set up the Adib Bam Scholarship Fund with Mona Foundation to educate needy children around the world in his memory. His father Hamid declared, “we want to see Adib’s smile on other kids’ faces.”

To-date, the Adib Bam scholarship has supported the education of hundreds of children in Cambodia, Tanzania and Brazil.

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Victory Fund - To Honor the Memory of Parents Who Educated Hundreds

Mahmoud Afsharian had for many decades contributed to the establishment of educational facilities around the world. Sometimes it was to establish a school in a small village and sometimes to assist with the ongoing work of larger, more established schools. To honor his memory and his efforts, and in recognition of his deep love for his wife, Victoria, the family created the “Victory Endowment Fund” in their names with Mona Foundation. The interests realized from this fund will in perpetuity support the education of students around the world.

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Celebrating Charles Grimes

Charles Grimes – who passed away in 2017 at age 66 after a brief illness – infused a joyful artistic sensibility into the myriad facets of a life richly lived. His paintings, often of flowers, were a riot of color that drew the viewer in to an ebullient, playful world. That world found a living expression in his gardens, where plants and flowers struck a harmonious balance with their surroundings. Charles was a lifelong student of the art and life of Pablo Picasso. His book on Picasso is one of three volumes he published.
Born in Omak, Washington, Charles was the son of homesteaders and a third generation Washingtonian. He and his wife Melanie owned and operated the first Birkenstock store in the US. Later, he went into real estate, all the while creating his whimsical paintings. Charles Grimes Memorial Fund will benefit the education of needy children globally.

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Naiyareh Karimimanesh Memorial Endowment - Transmuting Grief to Joy of Remembrance

Naiyareh (Nai) Karimimanesh was born on May 17, 1979 in San Francisco, California, and passed on following a car accident on her way to her law office in Atlanta, Georgia on April 26, 2007. Nai was a devoted, compassionate, and generous friend to all and is remembered as an exceptional individual with a great passion for justice and service.

Grief-stricken, and yet determined to continue the good work of their daughter, Nai’s parents immediately established the Naiyareh Karimimanesh Fund with Mona Foundation in her memory. Several classrooms and one large community hall has already been built in Haiti in Nai’s honor. The Naiyareh Karimimanesh Endowment Fund will honor Nai’s memory in perpetuity.

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Shams Rouhani Memorial Endowment - Remembering a Passionate Educator

Shams Al Dhuha Rouhani was a midwife, and an educator. She was passionate about education and worked tirelessly on her own education and that of her siblings and her own children. As a midwife she served not only the deprived women of her hometown in late 1940’s but after suffering much religious persecution, she left for Dubai, and was embraced, respected and loved by the people in her new community.
As a tribute to her lifelong love for education and care for others, and remembering her grace, inspiration, compassion, and calm competence the Shams Al Dhuha Rouhani Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund is created. Income from this endowment will benefit the children of ADCAM in Brazil, and marginalized young rural women at Barli Institute in India.

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Endowment for the Girls of the World

There was an oft quoted poem in my childhood of the 1950s: ““What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice.” According to Wikipedia, the poem dates back to 1820, to English poet Robert Southey (1774–1843). It still resonated in the 1950s.

I hated this poem. “Nice” meant “be quiet and don’t complain”, and be “ladylike”, cute, happy”. Later I was told a good education meant smart conversations with a good husband. Nothing in this expectation was about discovering myself or how I might have my own value.

In that time, a not unheard of sentiment from a parent of a girl was “You were born a mistake”. That’s how I felt. My younger brother could do no wrong, while I could do no right.  Thankfully, I slid into the first wave of Women’s Liberation and pursued more than one male-dominated profession. Within that, I still had to discover how I was specially gifted as a woman in this man’s world, not deficient in some way, but gifted differently. That process yet unfolds.

As women, we are the bearers of life and nurturance and all we choose to pursue is influenced by this in one way or another. We need to honor that in ourselves, whether or not we become mothers.

This endowment is created for the girls (and a few boys), who are hereby given the opportunity to develop self-respect, empowerment and cooperation through the development of their unique talents and gifts as girls and women.

I support the trailblazers of today and of generations to come, as they will be the ones to bring creative balance and peace back to this world, not in subordinatio ton or competition with their men, but in balance and cooperation. No matter what circumstances girls and women find themselves in, their empowerment as women is key to the change that we need in the world at large. May this endowment help to bring about vitality and peace to the world through the good work of Mona Foundation.

Marnie Jones-Koenig, Industrial designer, Spiritual Guide, Healer, recording Artist, Wife, mother

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Martin J. Harnish Memorial Fund

My father (and mother) raised five daughters and a son. His family always came first in his life, and he spent as much time with us as possible, despite the demands of work.  He allowed each of us to make our own life decisions, and then supported us in whatever was needed to realize our dreams – both short and long term.  He made it possible for me to attend private schools and public colleges, to continue my education to the doctoral level, and to go on to be an educator, college administrator, and world traveler.  He was always proud of all his children’s accomplishments.  Dad was a machinist, a small business owner, a storyteller, a WWII veteran (US Navy Seabees), a Catholic, and a loving and devoted husband for over 60 years. We lost him to cancer in 2009, but his strength and humor, his unquestioning support in each of our lives, and his sense of ethics and concern for others continue to be a part of his legacy.  I know he would approve of the work of the Mona Foundation in the education of young women.

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