Our Long-term Vision.

We collaborate with our partner projects and commit to their support longterm. Our common goal is to alleviate global poverty so that no child ever goes to bed hungry, is lost to preventable diseases, or is deprived of the gift of education for lack of resources.

Pathway to Sustained Change

Alleviating global poverty takes time. It requires action from more than just a single organization. It is sustained when it is institutionalized and actualized by individual attitudes and perspectives, social relationships, social norms, and systems within institutions, policies, and practices. It becomes possible when other actors in the community-the individuals, family, community, systems, all drive social change toward a more equal and just society.

Mona Foundation supports this process of long-term social change by identifying partners who have initiated action to create change in their communities with focus on education and gender equality. We develop and value a relationship of reciprocity with their grassroots partners based on mutual respect, consultation, reflection, and shared learning. We then support their locally developed growth plans towards our common goal of building a better world for all of our children.

Our Three Year Growth Plan

In support of long-term social change, Mona Foundation continues with a series of strategic growth plan to build our own capacity to sustain this ongoing growth, as well as increase the number of projects and students we support. Our current 3-year strategic Growth Plan, "The Time is NOW" will double the number of students, teachers and parents we support to 500,000 by 2020, and is specifically put in place in support of the growing needs of our partner projects.


Our Exit Strategy

We believe that our uncommon strategy of long-term support of our partner projects is the key to sustained positive community change at the local level. The effect of this strategy has been dramatic. Several of our partner projects have been built from quite humble beginnings to effective and well-recognized educational institutions. Our exit strategy is equally grounded in a relationship of trust and mutual respect, and is arrived at in collaboration with our projects to optimize their continued growth to the next level of development.

Support Our Vision

Help us alleviate global poverty and build prosperous and just communities everywhere.