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Why education ?

While in the past several decades we have made material progress towards UN development goals, poverty still impacts 80% of our world population.

767 Million

Live on less than $1.90/day

6 Billion

Live on less than $10/day


of world’s 7 Billion people cannot read or write

Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. World Bank, 2013


$1 invested in education and skills equals

$10 in economic growth


Educating 1 woman positively impacts

100 lives


In 2017 we supported the education of 258,326 students, teachers and parents.

We want to double the number of people we support to 500,000 a year! And we need your help. Here is some ways you get involved and change lives.

It is easy and it is fun! Ask for donations instead of gifts, and your birthday will change lives.

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So many ways to raise funds! Bake. Lemonade stand. Run for Mona, or 3-Jar campaign like Christopher above!

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Giving monthly makes your impact last. You enable a student to finish school, and then support her/his family.

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