Move & Market 4 Mona by Salem & Nura

Salem, Nura, Maxwell & Sameh



Every step we take moves Mona Foundation closer to its goal of gender equality and education for all. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us for our Yoga in the Park & Bake Sale, May 8th from 9am to 11am at East Portal Park in Sacramento. If you are planning on attending the event, please email to RSVP, make a donation beforehand & don’t forget your mask & mat!!! Please email melody.fananapazir@gmail.com OR mitrasanai19@gmail.com to reserve a spot. Participating is good for the heart, whether you’re physically doing yoga with us, or supporting Mona with a donation. You can Move4Mona when you:

  • DONATE to our #Move4Mona campaign and email us at
    mitrasanai19@gmail.com or melody.fananapazir@gmail.com if you’d like to join
    During the pandemic, the challenges have been particularly difficult. Yet Mona Foundation remains committed to supporting its 19 partners in 12 countries to fight COVID-19, provide essential supplies, and further education by whatever means available – including cell phones, WhatsApp, and online instruction.

    Please join us and make your Move4Mona today.

    WHAT WILL YOUR FUNDS SUPPORT? (Remember that 100% of every dollar donated helps to transform lives and communities)

    We will be supporting education in Sierra Leone!

    Mona Foundation began working with Programme for Children in 2019 and first collaborated to build a four-classroom middle school in the village of Njomborhun, providing 150 students with safe access to education. The school enables the students, particularly the girls, to go to school safely instead of walking seven miles each way.

    In 2020, Mona supported the addition of four classrooms for the Muloma Vocational Technical Training Complex. The expanded center has a dual purpose: to provide a teacher training center serving 7 villages, and to provide vocational training to 100 women and men to help them through the ‘hungry months’ between harvests.

    Right now, Mona is funding another new primary school in the very remote community of Masosingbi that will serve the community’s 250 children, 120 girls and 130 boys, and for generations to come!

    About Mona Foundation

    We support grassroots initiatives that provide education to all children, increase opportunities for women and girls, and emphasize service to the community. 

    The schools that we support serve marginalized communities globally. They focus on academic excellence, fine arts, and character education to develop capable, ethical, and altruistic leaders who contribute to the betterment of their families, communities, and ultimately their nation.  

    In 2020 and with the transition to online education, Mona supported the education of 2,286,575 students in 19 projects in 12 countries including the US, Haiti, Panama, Brazil, India, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Gambia, and Uganda.

    Our three focus areas are

    1. Provide Access 
    2. Empower Women & Girls
    3. Teacher Training

    Visit our website to learn more.

    $3555 Raised

    On average $50 keeps a student in school for one month

    28days left to donate

    89% $4000


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