Fund Educational Needs for Georges Marcellus, Haiti


  • Sends 1 student to school for (4) months
  • days left to donate

Georges Marcellus School students are some of the poorest in Haiti and often have to face great challenges just to survive, with parents earning less than $2/day. With your help, the school served 200 students this past year and 55% were girls. 95% of their students pass to the next grade vs. the national average of 22%. Following the completion of the kitchen, a meal a day is now served to every child every day.

The school now has urgent needs to purchase books and supplies for all its students, and ALL for $1,600. Please help purchase these needed supplies for the kids this year. Any amount helps, $1 or $100. Thank you!

About the Project

Providing access to education in one of the poorest areas of Haiti, Georges Marcellus has 142 students of whom 45% are girls. 95% of their students pass on to the next grade and continue their education.


After the devastating earthquake of 2010 where 75% of schools in Haiti were destroyed, this small community school quadrupled in size, as children from other schools came, seeking a place to get an education. It’s located in Guerot, a farming community where most residents work in the fields. Incomes fluctuate based on crop yields, so most parents struggle to pay the very small fee the school charges, about $1 a month. 


For more information on Georges Marcellus click here.


About Mona Foundation

We support grassroots initiatives that provide education to all children, increase opportunities for women and girls, and emphasize service to the community.

The schools that we support serve marginalized communities globally. They focus on academic excellence, fine arts and character education to develop capable, ethical, and altruistic leaders who contribute to the betterment of their families, communities, and ultimately their nation.  In 2017 we supported the education of 258,000 students, teacher and parents in 18 projects in 10 countries.


We focus our support on these three areas:


  1. Access - We work with local organizations who know best how to meet the needs of their communities through providing access to education by building classrooms or providing scholarships.
  2. Empower Women & Girls - We believe that empowering women has multiplier effects and benefits all.  Women spend 90% of their earned income on their family and directly impact the economic growth of their communities.
  3. Teacher Training - We emphasize and support teacher training to ensure a high quality of learning and commitment to service.

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