Barli Institute, Indore, India


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EDUCATION CHANGES EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER. And, educating girls is the most effective way to reduce poverty so no child ever goes to bed hungry. I'm raising money to support education of kids and women through Mona Foundation. Please support my campaign! On average, it costs only $1/day to educate a child. Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit helps! Please give and make a difference!

About the Project

Barli educates and empowers marginalized young rural women to lead the social and economic development of their communities. Based in Indore, the Institute has so far trained more than 8,200 young women from 830 village. 94% of Barli graduates contribute to the income of their families.


The programs of the Institute are focused on the empowerment of women by training them to further develop themselves, their families and also build the capacity and skills to contribute towards the development of their own communities. Barli Institute focuses on the areas of literacy, vocational skills, health and hygiene, and the environment. The Institute also works on promoting the equality of men and women through their trainings to reduce the gender gaps in society.

Learn more about the Barli Institute here


About Mona Foundation

We support grassroots initiatives that provide education to all children, increase opportunities for women and girls, and emphasize service to the community.

The schools that we support serve marginalized communities globally. They focus on academic excellence, fine arts and character education to develop capable, ethical, and altruistic leaders who contribute to the betterment of their families, communities, and ultimately their nation.  In 2017 we supported the education of 258,000 students, teacher and parents in 18 projects in 10 countries.


We focus our support on these three areas:


  1. Access - We work with local organizations who know best how to meet the needs of their communities through providing access to education by building classrooms or providing scholarships.
  2. Empower Women & Girls - We believe that empowering women has multiplier effects and benefits all.  Women spend 90% of their earned income on their family and directly impact the economic growth of their communities.
  3. Teacher Training - We emphasize and support teacher training to ensure a high quality of learning and commitment to service.

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