Dareleen Cano’s Story

Badi School started in 1993 as a kindergarten in the carport of a trailer home. The school is now a K-12 school serving more than 396 students, of whom 57% are girls. The school is recognized through South and Central America for excellence in academics, arts, music and technology programs impacting the lives of thousands in the neighboring communities.

Dareleen Cano was a beautiful 12 years old girl when she was admitted to Badi School on a Mona Scholarship including books and clothes. Her parents had abandoned her and her sole source of support was her grandmother who washed and iron clothes to survive. Within two years, she was on the honor roll. Upon graduation, she attended the Panama Technologic University (UTP) on a full scholarship to continue her studies in Industrial Engineering. Additionally, she studied English as a second language and Fashion Design.

During her studies she worked part time at different companies and positions to pay for her expenses and take care of her grandmother. In 2016 she graduated, and applied to COPA/Continental Airlines where she is now working as the Statistics Manager. Since then, she has bought an apartment downtown, brought her grandmother to live with her, and volunteers at Badi as a way to give back.

Dareleen’s grandmother no longer washes or irons clothes and is very proud of her granddaughter.

Badi School recently recognized Dareleen’s grandmother with a gold medal for her years of selfless service

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