Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF), established in 1994, has been pursuing its mission to provide quality education to underprivileged girls and youth in urban and rural India since then. Using feminist-based pedagogy, gender sensitization techniques and adolescent empowerment discussions on social issues in the classrooms, SHEF works in the areas of education with a focus on girls’ education and empowerment, teacher training programs, gender-based sensitization workshops and training, formal and non-formal educational centers, and vocational training.

In Lucknow, India, Mona supports 49 one-room schools in urban slums or remote villages where there is no running water, sanitation or schools, and often a family of 8-10 members live in one make-shift hut shared with their animals. Currently, there is a severe lack of awareness and means to fight this pandemic in these communities.

Current needs:

  • COVID Kits: Masks: Provide 2,600 children with 8 masks, $0.25 each = $5,200, and 2 bars of sanitizing soap, $1.00 each = $5,200
  • Food: Provide 1,600 families of 4 each dry ration kit for a month = $8,944
  • Cell phone and access to Internet: Equip the Alumni students with either a cell phone or a computer and access to the internet so they can leverage our online digital library, DSHOnline, and teach 5 to 10 children in their neighborhood. 40 Digital Enablers at $100/each = $4,000


Artwork above done by a student of Prerna School. 





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