COVID-19 and SHEF part II

The relief and prevention efforts of Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) for the ongoing pandemic are in full swing.

They have been providing face masks, hand wash, reusable sanitary pads and dry ration kits along with prevention methods and precautions to take to fight the viral disease. These have been sent to the Gyansetu (one-room school) communities in the most destitute locations. The SHEF team has also talked extensively to the community members about using the provided kits in the most efficient manner to stay safe during the pandemic. In the beginning some of the communities were completely agnostic to the COVID-19 disease and were not taking any precautions. After the interventions the communities are now informed and equipped to join the fight against COVID-19.

Mask Distribution

Once the lockdown was relieved, our team placed a plan in action and contacted Didi’s Foods and Creations to start the production of best quality face mask, reusable sanitary pads and prepare ration kits for distribution. As the production started, our team members began the distribution in communities (pictured below).


Zarine Garcia, Director of Youth Leadership at SHEF, who is currently running a project called Pad and Prejudice, to raise awareness regarding menstrual health and promoting the use of reusable cloth pads helped us in the production of reusable cloth pads. She is providing cloth pads to Prerna students and also shared a video on how to make cloth pads. One of our team members personally supervised the production of these pads at Didi’s, from getting the right materials to getting the pads stitched properly to provide best quality sanitary pads to the girls.


A total of 1,400 reusable masks along with 160 power hand wash were distributed in the first batch in the communities. The team also distributed 40 cloth pads and also informed the girls how to maintain hygiene and properly clean the cloth pads.


Below are photographs showing mask making and distribution along with food distribution to families in need. Click to see enlarged photo.

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