ADCAM has educated thousands of under-served children, youth and adults in Manaus, Brazil for over 30 years and helped transform entire communities. Of the 502 students in the K-12 and youth programs, 44% are girls.

The country went into lockdown in March and as mandated by the State Governor, in-person classes were suspended on March 17th.  ADCAM immediately responded this reality and on March 23rd were able to begin online classes!

“Considering the gravity of the moment in the world by COVID-19, we understand the need for children and young people to continue their links with the school institution, with classmates, as well as teachers, is essential to ensure effective learning. The relevance of this action will help children and young people  stay with their school routines, their learning commitments, helping in their well-being and in the occupation of their minds, distancing them from the tension in which the situation makes them focus on the moment.” – ADCAM Administrator


Below are updates on how ADCAM has adjusted to its new reality and resolved challenges:

  • increased partial scholarships to 50 families (from 46).
  • extracurricular activities of Spiritual Empowerment, started in February with the enrollment of 100 students from 41 families; transitioned online in March and is still continuing.
  • Family Festival held virtually in June where children presented what they have been learning to the parents.
  • Solidarity Action Campaign” held to replace their annual Citizen Health Fair. In this campaign they collected and distributed non-perishable foods, cleaning materials and materials to make masks to families in need.
  • Workshops for Families have continued through leveraging WhatsApp. Groups of families have been created on WhatsApp where ADCAM continues to provide help to families during social isolation, assisting them in both the educational and emotional process.
  • 6 Online Lectures have been held so far. Striving for the well-being of families, ADCAM provided a series of thematic lectures and conversation circles with various professionals in the field of health, psychologists and advisors, were invited to guide families through the challenges are facing in times of social distancing.
  • the Young Apprenticeship Program is continuing online, 136 youth
  • Arts, music, capoeira and sports activities have continued online through recorded videos. This has encouraged physical activity and the participation of whole families, further promoting the well-being of the students and families
  • Teacher training is continuing and has increased in intensity. ADCAM is providing courses and lectures with professionals on themes that assist the teachers in the implementation and use of new digital tools to teach online.





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