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Honoring Teresa Taylor

How many people do you know who commit to a non-profit for 15 years without interruption, support it with regular and generous donations and then volunteer and offer to give of themselves and talent and precious time year-on-year to help their charity of choice to develop to the next level?   Well, we know of one, and her name is Teresa Taylor. As a volunteer, she has helped us write our 5-year strategy plan, and is currently leading a content refresh of our website. A big part of this project involves storytelling, and she interviewing over Skype the administrators of each educational initiative that we support and writing fresh profiles about their programs and impact they are making.   We we are deeply grateful for everything she is doing for Mona, and salute her for her commitment to community service.  Here is a little more about Teresa.   


Teresa is an incredibly accommplished professional.  In the past 17 years she has worked at Microsoft in variety of leadership capacities leading small and large teams as Senior Program Manager Lead, Senior User Experience Lead, Content Publishing Manager, or Content Editor.    In her own words, "I am a content specialist, program manager, and user experience professional skilled in developing content for diverse audiences (consumers to engineers); designing and delivering programs, complex projects, and training; and crafting product, marketing, and strategic communications."


For the past 13 years, in addition to supporting Mona, she has also mentored college students, recent graduates, and engineers, designers, and other peers at work to help them prepare for job interviews, build and nurture a strong professional network, and develop their careers. She has also coached high school students on writing so they are better prepared for success in higher education, work, and life. In her own words, "many people have mentored me in my career. I'm grateful for these opportunities to give back."

How many people do you know who stay with a non-profit for 15 years and support it without interruption?  Well, we know of one and her name is Teresa.