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A Night with the Phinney Community Chorus

Join us for an enchanted evening with the Phinney Neighborhood Community Chorus, Seattle, WA


Join us for an enchanting evening of beautiful music with the Phinney Neighborhood Community Chorus who will once again be performing their summer concert to benefit the Mona Foundation.


Founded and directed by Maggie McClellan in 1999, Phinney Neighborhood Community Chorus? performs a summer concert every year and uses this inspiring evening as an opportunity to promote the sense of philanthropy and activism among the chorus and all who attend.  Maggie’s dedication to music and education and creating a global community is truly inspirational, and we consider ourselves lucky to have individuals like Maggie as part of our Mona Family.   


Maggie has shown us what it means to truly dedicate yourself to a cause. Her work inspires and motivates us to continue our mission of increasing access to education, and Maggie has seen firsthand what education can do to a community. Maggie has personally visited Haiti to see the students and schools that we support and experienced firsthand what it is like to see the impact that education has on children. When discussing her trip to Haiti, Maggie said, “I felt very moved to see the children at school and to see how much the school meant to them. It showed me that education must not be taken for granted.”

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Education must not be taken for granted