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ADCAM & The Amazon

In a far-off world with a tropical biodiversity unparalleled by any other region in the world, the Association for the Cohesive Development of the Amazon (ADCAM) is tirelessly working to promote the social well-being and prosperity of the Amazonian people.

“Our mission becomes possible when we can count on the help of organizations like Mona Foundation, which has always been willing to contribute to the success of our activities. Thank you for your confidence in us. This is what drives us most and keeps our team motivated to get better results every time!” – ADCAM mid-year update

As 2018 rolls in with full force, a look back at 2017 shows growth and success at ADCAM. The organization focused on empowering junior youth to develop their intellectual capacities and their capacities for service to society. Study circles, activities and regular meetings contributed to a growing student and community base.

Amidst the Amazon’s lush tropical landscape social and economic hardships reduce government and civil society support directed to minorities, the population which ADCAM serves.   Therefore, Mona’s support of ADCAM is imperative to help the hundreds of marginalized students that study there, students like Jacivaldo.

Jacivaldo was 11 when he began studying at ADCAM’s Family Development Center which addresses the needs of at-risk youth. He had social and communication challenges in relating to his peers.   After four years at the center, Jacivaldo, now a strong, confident young man, is quick to credit the Family Development Center for his growth. 

"Before I didn’t have the skills I have now," Jacivaldo said. "I feel more open to friendships and to share my joys with friends." 

Jocivaldo's family often joins him at the center, participating in group activities whenever they're offered. Sometimes the center focuses on specific skill building and other times it'll host a group lunch. The center's fundamental goal is to provide a safe, community-space for youth, naturally promoting self-exploration and growth and encouraging them to stay in school and off the streets. 

The Family Development Center serves 150 at-risk youth aged 11 to 15 living in eastern Manaus, the capital city of the state of Amazonas in Brazil The center engages students and their families by empowering them to serve humanity. Emphasizing development of personal talents, students are encouraged to explore and expand upon their natural abilities.

If you would like to support ADCAM’s work, donate to the project and help ADCAM transform the lives of students like Jacivaldo through education. 

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